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For the future #

  • ADXL accel with Arduino as secondary MCU for measuring resonance

Logs #

Thu 04/28/2022 #

  • 06:31 run pressure advance test at speed, setting accel to 10000mm/s2 and updated corner velocity to 5m/s from the default
  • 06:34 print turned out very well

Sat 12/03/2022 #

  • 10:11 Updated and things got out of wack

    1. make menuconfig -
      for board firmware
    • get ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin file and write as firmware.bin to sdcard
    1. this is the error
      since we are using the rpi as another mcu to measure chamber temp, we need to flash the rpi for klipper_host_mcu these are the lines in questions
    [mcu rpi]
    serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu

    make menuconfig again, and this time change to linux process

    for linux process

    sudo service klipper stop
    make flash
    sudo service klipper start

Thu 02/16/2023 #

  • : 2023-02-16 06:09 Use a small screen for Voron for preheating +voron +weekend-project
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  • Nov 7, 2021 Voron 0.1 Mods
    add raspberry pi camera thinking of switching to hacked Wyze v2 for better night vision added chamber temp sensor ds18b20 sensor Adding Chamber Temperature Sensor # enable 1-wire interface - look here using the default GPIO pin 4 from this guide added this to /boot/config.txt dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpiopin=4, since using sudo raspi-config to enable the 1-wire interface did not work had to manually disable 1-wire from raspi-config and manually add the dtoverlay.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Voron 0.1 Calibration
    Using SuperSlicer Filament First # Figure out your max volumetric flow rate for the extruder that you have Dragon HF is documented at up to 60mm3/s - but im sticking to 30 mm3/s figure out the max acceleration and speed that you would like to operate at 10000mm/s2 for accel in x and y 800 mm/s for velocity set printer physical limit in Slicer this will help get an accurate time estimate make sure the ‘very short layer time’ speed limit is not set, or else this will limit your print speed start your calibration Flow Calibration # need to run this at all desire height Temperature Calibration # make sure to try to break to figure out the max Extruder Retraction # Bridge Flow # Find Speed Limit # do filament calibration first plug in accel and run input shaper calibration Run Input shaper # plug in accel run and pick recommended values set accel much lower than recommended Pressure Advance Calibration - at speed # basically follow this instead of SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT SQUARE_CORNER_VELOCITY=1 ACCEL=500 and TUNING_TOWER COMMAND=SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE PARAMETER=ADVANCE START=0 FACTOR=.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Voron 0.1 Build
    printed parts things to do before building # organize nuts and screw into correct sizes lub rails use ptfe lub, and fill greese from back there you see the ball bearings check threads on screw before using save some time when inserting into aluminum extrusion Notes While Building # Good Stuff # setting the nuts into the track was not too bad didnt really need a printed part to do this Trouble while building # getting a completely square frame used a piece of large tile.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Mini-After Sherpa Toolhead
    The Extruder Sherpa-Mini-Extruder lightweight, easy to service extruder The bottom part Sherpa mini mount looks like we can have various thickness of the hotend fan with this design Allow for update for 24v fan? Mini-AfterSherpa looks like the mini-afterburner. just chopped off, should be completely compatible with all mini-afterburner fans When printing the Mini-Sherpa make sure you set all the correct slicing parameters. First print came out weak.. Tasks # Toolheads # Dragon: Dragon(fly) Initial Release Groove-mount V6: Supported (not yet tested) Mosquito/NF Crazy: Supported.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Machine Limits
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