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  • May 8, 2023 K8200 3D Printer
    It’s time to upgrade the K8200! I purchased the 8200 in 2014. I was looking to use it as a tool for my projects. It works for its intended purpose, but it did not work well. Each time printing, it was a bit of a hassle getting all the right variables. In an attempt to make printer a little more user friendly, I did modifications to make my life a little easier.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Voron 0.1 Build
    printed parts things to do before building # organize nuts and screw into correct sizes lub rails use ptfe lub, and fill greese from back there you see the ball bearings check threads on screw before using save some time when inserting into aluminum extrusion Notes While Building # Good Stuff # setting the nuts into the track was not too bad didnt really need a printed part to do this Trouble while building # getting a completely square frame used a piece of large tile.
  • Nov 7, 2021 Voron 0.1 Main Page
    Documentation for all Voron 0.1 related posts For the future # ADXL accel with Arduino as secondary MCU for measuring resonance Logs # Thu 04/28/2022 # 06:31 run pressure advance test at speed, setting accel to 10000mm/s2 and updated corner velocity to 5m/s from the default 06:34 print turned out very well Sat 12/03/2022 # 10:11 Updated and things got out of wack make menuconfig - get ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin file and write as firmware.
  • Sep 8, 2016 Upgrade K8200 Controller Board
    I realized it takes a very long time for the heated-bed to get up to temperature and start printing. This was one of the main reason why I did not use it as often as I originally intended. With a slew of difficulties, e.g. Z-wobble and first layer not adhering to the board. The K8200 soon became a project of it’s own. In short, this is the start to making the K8200 be usable, as an everyday tool.