Jan 1, 0001
[Huy Le]
2 minute read

I am a believer and a learner. I have a growing family and grateful for it, we have one little girl and another come coming! In my past life, I spent my days guiding our youth groups, and through that, I have come to find God an integral part of my life. He is the source for my energy, joy and peace.

Other things that excite me, is the world we live in. It is full of things to learn and share. I am not afraid to admit what I don’t know and I get excited to learn from my mistakes; albeit rather imperfectly, but I am trying each day.

Here is a small wish-list of things that I want to get good at:

  • Deeper knowledge of my faith
  • Open-source software and development
  • Microcontrollers, PX4, ROS
  • A little woodworking here and there

By no mean this is comprehensive, but these are some of the things that are running through my mind as of 10/24/2022. It will inevitably change over time!

Other than that, I finished school, have a growing family, work my daily job, renovate our house for the little ones to run around, and dive into my wish-list in my down-time.

This blog was created to keep track of all my learnings, thoughts, and ideas.