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  • Oct 9, 2020 Ubuntu vs Arch Linux
    Goals # Been a long time Ubuntu user and like the interface. Nothing to really complain about. - want to see which is better as a learning platform - take this opportunity to struggle with Linux, configurations, and files - Learn to document process better Learning Objectives # better understanding of how Linux work concentrate on backend coding; closer to hardware programming Long term goals to learn about MCU and Computers for other technical projects Considerations # Looking for Vanilla Linux Windows Installation on Pixelbook Latest info for Chromebook and Windows here For Pixelbooks and Windows If on windows, will need a Live Linux USB to do the firmware update - Linux has access to the hardware Breakdown of Linux Distributions # Arch Debian Ubuntu - Debian unstable release
  • Oct 1, 2019 Installing Linux on Pixelbook
    Understanding Linux # Kernel - Low level drivers that interacts with hardware Firmware Stuff # *Firmware Write Protect Firmware is stored on a special SPI flash chip and has a special register that sets the device to read-only. This change be changed by special hardware and software measures. The write protection of these chips are dependent on grounding a WP pin on the flash chip. Specific to chromebook models after 2017+ (CR50 models), the state of the WP pin is controlled by the CR50 with close-case debugging (CCD).
  • Apr 27, 2017 Github Awesome
    scan through this awesome list!!
  • Oct 13, 2016 code-snippets
    plink.exe tunnel-home -N -ssh -2 -P 2223 -l "root" -C -i "C:\.ssh\MyEnTunnel\keyfile.ppk" -v Markdown # ![]() allows you to upload images to ghost Python # Useful design patterns for Python: Link GIT # Some help snippet from gist ## Workflow - Helpful site for the GIT workflow: here - Successful git branching model: here ## Settings - Keep branch history from flatten, use --no-ff while merge - or set git config --global merge.
  • Sep 30, 2016 Git Workflow
    Merging vs. Rebasing # The two essentially do the same thing. the difference is that rebase makes the history linear. This is good when you are developing on your own branches, but not good when we you working on public branch, more here To merge or rebase master into a feature git checkout feature git merge master # or.. a oneliner git merge master feature # say it in your head, git merge master into feature Rewriting history # keeping a clean history is important This code snippets will allow you to interactively update commits for a particular branch.
  • Aug 16, 2022 Getting Nvidia GPU to work on Ubuntu
    THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE TO READ! - The basics of Dockers # docker images - the actual file for the container, this shows all the images that have been downloaded docker containers - the instance of the images docker ps -a - list all the containers, even the ones that are stopped docker start <container-name> - will start a stopped container docker stop <container-name> - will stop a running container the --rm - argument will destroy the container as soon as it is stopped Docker compose # docker-compose up - spin up a docker container using docker-compose.
  • Aug 16, 2022 Embedded Scratchpad
    Embedded Things to Consider # Extremely useful article - Tools # Source-level debugger Let your step through code, stop it, and examine memory content and program variables Simple printf statement Flexible and primitive tool clumsy to use In-circuit emulators (ICE) and JTAG debuggers Allows you to carefully control the execution of the running chip indispensable for the early development Can use to debugger the second processor turn on