Ubuntu vs Arch Linux
Oct 9, 2020
[Huy Le]
2 minute read

Goals #

Been a long time Ubuntu user and like the interface. Nothing to really complain about. - want to see which is better as a learning platform - take this opportunity to struggle with Linux, configurations, and files - Learn to document process better

Learning Objectives #

  • better understanding of how Linux work
  • concentrate on backend coding; closer to hardware programming
    • Long term goals to learn about MCU and Computers for other technical projects

Considerations #

Breakdown of Linux Distributions #

  • Arch
  • Debian
    • Ubuntu - Debian unstable release

      • Lubuntu
      • Xubuntu
        • GalliumOs
    • Kali

Debian #

  • Stable release is REALLY stable
  • This means outdated packages

Arch #

  • Aimed at experienced Linux users == no hand-holding, and UI elements when trying to install or tweak things

  • The system come out of the box slim, clean and free of unnecessary dependencies

  • Good support system on Subreddit, IRC and official forums

    • Again. There is no hand-holding with these guys
  • See the trouble for Pixelbook here

GalliumOS #

  • Got drivers and bug fixes specifically for Chromebooks
  • Has fixes built in

Kali #

  • Save for VM to mess around with, not worth installing and killing the productivity