Raspberry Pi Unifi Controler
Jun 11, 2022
Huy Le
1 minute read

Bastion Host #

Installing Unifi #

  • Run this to install unifi and pi-hole
    • wget "https://github.com/SmokingCrop/UniFi/raw/master/install-unifi-pihole-English.sh" -O install-unifi-pihole.sh && chmod +x install-unifi-pihole.sh && ./install-unifi-pihole.sh

Setting up PiHole #


Setting up backup #

  • used Unable to resolve reference to ../../wiki/r-0a332c44 from projs/homelab/rpi-unifi-controller.mdautofs to get /mnt/data/lab/backup directory mounted
    • used crontab for backing up Unable to resolve reference to ../../wiki/r-b9pmiuv6 from projs/homelab/rpi-unifi-controller.mdUsing Crontab to Schedule work

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