The K40 is a typical 40-Watt Chinese laser that most laser enthusiast and hobbyist would have in their arsenal. While it is fun to play with, my initial goal of getting this laser is to prepare for my upcoming wedding in a couple of month. Looking around the web for party favor and other wedding related items, everything can add up very fast. So by getting this cheap Chinese laser, we are hoping to cut down the cost of our wedding, but also have a useful tool for the long term.

So far, so good. After receiving the laser, I unpacked it and turned it on. So far, so good. Read on for projects related to this laser.

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  • May 3, 2019 Upgrading K40 Controller
    K40 Laser Engraver Upgrades # Add Switch to change between manual power, and PWM power # add in a switch to switch between a potentiometer and the PWM power from the laser for the IN line on LPS" K40 Laser Engraver Controller Board Upgrades # PiBot Raspberry Pi CNC Hat V2.60 - GRBL v1.1 Compatable - Uses Pololu Stepper Drivers Look for this 2.6V ~ Smoothieboard - fork off GRBL
  • May 3, 2019 Sainsmart RYC GRBL V2 Upgrade
    GRBL has been optimized for Ardunio’s ATmega328p. So most configurations out there will use the Arduino Uno and a CNC shield. I decide to go with the Sainsmart RYC-GRBL-V2 hoping it would work out of the box. The reason why this is a long post is because it didn’t work out of the box. To get it up and running these are the list of things I changed to get it working.
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