Debugging Unifi Adoption Issues
Nov 7, 2021
Huy Le
2 minute read
  • used ssh to set inform link with set-inform
    • then used info to see status of inform


  • when first factory reset, USG needs to be the DHCP provider, with minimal subnet mask of
    • this will allow UGS to be connected to the switch, assign the subnet IP to the switch and connect to Unifi controller
  • ONCE in the unifi controller, it provisions the USG to the correct subnet mask when you create new VLANs
    • so for our home network here the new provisioned subnet mask is
  • note after provision, USG is no longer the DHCP server?
  • clear dhcp lease on usg with clear dhcp lease ip <ip_address>

Upgrade Firmware #

using some help here

USG Cannot Ping Controller #

  • Odd thing here is that the USG cannot ping the Unifi Controller, even through it was on the same subnet
    • USG can see all other devices except for the ones behind the virual switch on QNAP
  • Run Unifi Controller in Container Station on QNAP behind virtual switch
    • TURN OFF virtual switch spanning tree protocol option. This prevented USG from seeing the controller

Adopting new factory reset devices #

  • MAKE SURE YOU “FORGET” the previous adopted devices

Factory reset AP #

  • press reset and hold until the light TURN OFF

Factory reset Switch #

  • unplug all the cables and then reset

Each VLAN has its own DHCP server?? #

  • looks like USG is set as the network named “default” DHCP server

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