It’s time to upgrade the K8200!

I purchased the 8200 in 2014. I was looking to use it as a tool for my projects. It works for its intended purpose, but it did not work well. Each time printing, it was a bit of a hassle getting all the right variables.

In an attempt to make printer a little more user friendly, I did modifications to make my life a little easier.

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  • Sep 8, 2016 Upgrade K8200 Controller Board
    I realized it takes a very long time for the heated-bed to get up to temperature and start printing. This was one of the main reason why I did not use it as often as I originally intended. With a slew of difficulties, e.g. Z-wobble and first layer not adhering to the board. The K8200 soon became a project of it’s own. In short, this is the start to making the K8200 be usable, as an everyday tool.
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