Filament Notes
Mar 22, 2022
1 minute read

Getting More Speed #

  • Cooling
  • High Flow nozzle
  • Physical printer limits

Change the acceleration and deceleration to 8000 and increase your printing speed in the slicer to 150mm/s for everything but travel speed and try a print. You can keep the initial layer speed low if you have adhesion problems

Only once you start printing quicker will you notice what is limiting you from going even quicker. Things to look out for: Under extrusion= need higher hotend temp or a hi flow hotend Overhang curling or drooping = needs more part cooling Missing steps from the motors=bed might be too heavy so you might need to change out the glass for something lighter (G10 sheet 1.5mm/2mm) or you might need to increase the voltage to the steppers.

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